How To Clean Office Chair Cushion?

Cleaning your office chair cushion is one of the most important things that you can do to keep your office chair clean and healthy. Hygiene is very important even in your workplace. Hygiene affects the quality of your work and having a clean office chair will keep you in good health. If your office chair cushion is dirty, then your back and shoulders will be uncomfortable which might also lead to other prone effects like acne. 

Your quality of work also increases when you’re working in a very hygienic place. Keeping things around you clean and tidy is very motivating in some ways.

There are many ways to clean an office chair cushion but here we’ll present you with the best cleaning tips for your office chair cushion.

Things you need to clean an office seat cushion

  • A vacuum cleaner 
  • Cleaner or soap 
  • A clean, dry cloth 
  • Water (preferably warm water) 
  • A Spray bottles

How to clean Office Chair Cushion | Step by Step Process

Remove seat cushion from office chair

When you find out that your office chair seat cushion is stained or needs to be cleaned, the first step is to take it off from the chair. Make sure to remove it wisely to prevent any damage. Be gentle while taking it off as you do not want to use too much pressure and harm the fabric of the office chair in any way.

 Use a vacuum cleaner

The best way to clean your office chair cushion is to use a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners are the best tools to clean your cushion. They suck up dust, hair, and even allergens from your cushion. They are very easy to use. People of all ages can easily know how to use a vacuum cleaner and it also does not take you a long time to clean your cushions. Manually trying to clean the cushion by washing might go wrong in many ways. Therefore, using a vacuum is the best option to clean your cushion.

Dust mites

Dust mites are microscopic creatures that live in the fibers of your office chair cushion. They can reproduce quickly and form colonies in the cushions. You cannot see the dust mites, therefore, sometimes we are even bound to neglect the dust mites.

Dust mites are tiny insects that live on the surface of your cushion. They love to stay in the dark, dry areas of your cushion. They often crawl onto your face, and cause allergy problems. Sometimes they can even result in acne in a person. Keeping your cushion clean and cleaning the workplace frequently will help you prevent dust mites from spreading within your workplace. Dust mites not only are lethal to your skin with allergies, but over time they can even infect your lungs and cause some lungs allergy. So therefore, it is important to protect your workplace from dust mites.

Remove lint

Your office chair cushion has a lot of lint. Lint is basically dust particles. It gets inside your cushion and collects in crevices. Over time, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Lints are easily visible, and they are not a good look. If you are trying to create a professional workplace, you should free your cushions from any lint. Removing lint will help your cushion look as good as new and will also increase the aesthetics of your workplace.

Picking up the lint manually one by one is a very lengthy process. It will take you a lot of time to get them all off. Therefore, you need to have a lint roller which can easily take the lint off from the cushion in no time. To get rid of the lint, you should first wipe your cushion with a lint roller. Then, brush the lint from your cushion with a toothbrush. This would not take more than 5 minutes of your time.

Use clean wet cloth to wipe down whole body of the chair using cleaner

When you’re completely focused on cleaning the seat cushion along with the cover, you may forget to clean the chair. Over time, the dirt might build up in several corners of the chairs which will not only make the chair dirty but also prone to many allergies. In order to avoid this, you should thoroughly clean your chair and not just your cushions. Meanwhile when you are focused on cleaning your cushion, also clean the whole body of the chair using any solution along with the hot water. Go through every possible corner where the dirt might build up and you can use a detergent to clean your chair.

Replace cushion cover

It’s also a good idea to replace your cushion cover. Your cushion cover may become stained over time. If you notice that your cushion is stained, then it’s time to replace the cushion cover. Replacing and washing your cushion covers would give you variety while also helping you give a new look to your cushions. You can get several designs of cushion covers and change them frequently, wash them and use them in rotation. This will help you to keep your cushions clean and also hygienic. 

Clean the cushion with a solution

To clean your cushion, you can use a solution that’s made for cleaning cushions. You can get this solution from your local hardware store or online. You can also buy the solution in liquid form. The solution should be stored in a closed container. You can put the solution in a spray bottle. This will help you easily cover all the parts of the cushions as well as the chairs. The solution can be any kind of detergent that will keep the dirt and germs away.

Avoid using chemicals to clean chair cushions

If you must use a chemical, you should be careful about what kind of chemicals you use. Some chemicals may be harmful to your health. Do your research on the kind of chemical solution you are using. Make sure to use one that does not harm your health in any way. 

Remove stains with a solution

If your chair cushion is stained, you should remove the stains with a solution. The solution should be made specifically for removing stains. You can find some sort of bleaches that you can use on clothes fabric to remove stubborn stains. Or for normal stains, you can find any normal solution to clean the stains depending on the type of stain it is.

Allow the cushion and its cover to dry

Do not put the cushion back on the chair if it is wet. If you don’t dry it, it may smell bad. Let it dry for some time before putting it back on the chair. It is even best to let the cushion dry in the sun. This will help the cushion be protected by any germs and also any damp smells. The cushions will be fully refreshed and ready to use.

Put cushion on the chair after cleaning

When you’re done with all the cleaning process, you can put the cushion back on the chair. However, cleaning one time is not enough. You should create a habit of cleaning your cushions and office chairs very often. 

Clean your cushion at least once a month

Cleaning your cushion every day is not necessary. You should clean your cushion every month to make sure that it’s clean and sanitized. But make sure you clean your cushion properly when you do clean it. Make sure you’re not leaving any corners unchecked and any stains uncleaned.

How to clean office chair cushion easily? Complete Video Guide

How do you clean dirty chair cushions?

The simplest way to remove stains on the inside of chair cushions is to use a mixture of vinegar and water. It is not very hard to find these ingredients in your local store, as it is very easily accessible in any area of the country. Soak the cushion overnight in this solution, then place it outside preferably in the sunlight to dry. This may take several days. Once the stain is dry, use a damp cloth to rub away any remaining residue.

How do I clean the upholstery on my office chair?

Try to make a combination of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar, and a little amount of water to clean upholstery on the office chair. That’s the best way to clean tough stains easily.

How do you clean a sweaty office chair?

The simplest method is to spray or wipe down the underside of the cushion with a damp cloth. You need to remove the seat cushion and vacuum underneath. You can use ordinary household washing-up liquid if you don’t mind the smell, or alternatively, you can use diluted white vinegar or even hot water, to which a little ammonia has been added. You can even spray some fragrance on the chair and cushion after cleaning it so there will not be any lingering smell of any sort. You will have a clean cushion as well as a good-smelling office chair which will put you in a good mood. 
If the chair is really dirty, it will probably need to be washed, either by hand or using a suitable cleaning machine. Make sure you go through all the corners of the chair and do not leave any particles uncleaned.

Pro tips to keep office chair cushion clean all the time?

Why should you clean office chair cushions regularly?

We received the below mentioned SP card for resign case and card deactivated. Hygiene also defines us and our character. Keeping things neat, tidy and clean will show our character and the quality of our life. Nobody likes an unhygienic person and dirty places often can lead to people being demotivated. Especially at a workplace, it is important to have motivating surroundings to bring the best potential in you. So, hygiene is a must even at your workplace. Your clients will also be impressed by the well-putted office space and the tidy space to work. 

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